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Attachment Based Principles for Helping Youth with Trust & Attachment Difficulties Workshop Notesrand-coleman workshops
Children’s Ministry Offline: Pastoral Care Workshop Noteskay-farmer workshops
Children’s Ministry Online Workshop Noteskay-farmer workshops
Dios, Bueno Es (God is so good) Songvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Europe’s Children Network FB Group (private group – request to enter)resources
Large Group Session 1 with Judy Mensch: I Can Be a Friend of Jesusjudy large-group-sessions
Large Group Session 2 with Judy Mensch: I Have Needsjudy large-group-sessions
Large Group Session 3 with Judy Mensch: God Can Use Mejudy large-group-sessions
Large Group Session with Rand Colemanrand-coleman-sessions large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: Band-aid/Plaster Prayerprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: Cling To Godprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: Ink Stamp Prayers for Europeprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: Lego of Unityprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: M&M Prayersprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: Prayer Categoriesprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: Prayer Chainprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Prayer Station: Thumbprint Treeprayer-stations large-group-sessions
Principles of Group Theraplay for Classrooms, Camps, Siblings Sets Workshop Notesrand-coleman workshops
Resource Store: Saddleback Kids (also countdown videos)resources
Resource Store: Worship House Kidsresources
Song: 1-2-3 Jesus Is Alive Spanishvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: Father Abraham (Spanish)videos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: Fruit of the Spiritvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: I’m Gonna Jumpvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: Jesus Loves Me Frenchvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: My God is so Bigvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: Nothing is Impossiblevideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: One Wayvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: Osannavideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: Stand Strongvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Song: You are the God of the World Germanvideos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Storytelling Workshop Notesjudy-mensch workshops
Teaching Multiple Ages Workshop notesmike-hook workshops
The Puzzle Presentation during Energiathe-puzzle large-group-sessions
Theraplay & Behavior Therapy Principles for Assisting Youth on the Autism Spectrum Workshop Notesrand-coleman workshops
Theraplay Europe Contact, rand-coleman resources workshops
Video: “God Can Use Me” (in many languages)videos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Video: “I am a Child of God” (Theme in many languages)videos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Video: “Jesus Loves Me” (Theme in many languages)videos-and-songs large-group-sessions
Video: Rennis the Nam (Sample of story telling technique by Judy Mensch)judy-mensch workshops