The Kits

One way that Europe’s Children helps to disciple kids in Europe is by providing missionaries with the Kit. The Kit is a portable container that provides Christian education materials to children and children’s workers in churches all over Europe. The contents of the Kit could include Children’s Bibles and curriculum, teacher training DVDs and materials, puppets, classroom supplies, and more!  However, each Kit is personalized to meet the specific needs of ministries across Europe.                                                                         

Although we have already sent many Kits to Europe, there are many more missionaries and churches who are desperate for quality, Christian education materials. We would like to supply every country in Europe with at least one Kit in their language. Interested in giving to make this a reality? Please help us meet this need!

Feedback from the Kits

Here are a few letters from missionaries in Europe who have already received a Kit:

Dear Europe’s Children,

I just wanted to send a note to let you know how THANKFUL we are for the incredible blessings we have received from you this past year.  We are so grateful to every supporter who has accepted the challenge to partner with you in supplying Teacher Kits.  We have just received our first Kits and have scheduled a National Training in just a few weeks.  These Kits include everything a children’s leader will need to feel they can adequately prepare lessons and games, have music, crafts, illustrations, and even puppets.  I am excited to get it in their hands soon!

I also wanted to share with you that we were able to purchase two portable puppet stages that can be set up in a matter of seconds.  These have been donated to two churches that are doing children’s evangelism in the parks…Thank you again to all who are making this eternal investment for kids.  Only heaven will tell the difference you all have made.

Serving Him!

Melinda Henderson

Canary Islands


Dear EC,

Through funds received from Europe’s Children and our individual supporters, we were able to put together four BGMC Start-Up Kits and one Evangelism Kit for distribution among Czech churches.  The Evangelism Kit, which included a portable sound system, (among other things), was given to KidsQuest Czech Republic.  This was a huge blessing for KQ CZ, as almost every month they travel to a new city for presentations.

The BGMC Kit includes, among other things, a year’s worth of translated missions lessons and additional valuable resources from the BGMC missions manual.  This will help churches here encourage and challenge children to take an active part in missions.  At the annual Children’s Workers Conference in February, we were able to present a 20-minute segment on how a BGMC service could look like, as well as give away a BGMC Kit.  Over 100 people were present at the conference, so more and more churches are getting introduced to BGMC and showing interest in using it!

We pray that these Kits will encourage and challenge churches to become GIVERS to missions and not just RECEIVERS of missions support.  We pray that God will call a new generation of Czech missionaries who are full of faith and love, fully convinced of God’s plan to reach the nations and His desire to use them in the process!

Please know that we appreciate Europe’s Children and all the support that we receive from your office – both financial and prayer support!  We couldn’t do this without you!

Andrea Morrison

Czech Republic


Dear EC,

You guys have done so much for us!  Last fall, the Kidz Romania leadership held several JBQ training seminars in four different areas of Romania that you helped to make possible.  Over 25 churches received packets of Sunday School visuals, training in how to access our web site, numerous handouts and ideas for Bible games, ways to teach a Bible story, and more.  Each church also received a starter Kit for a JBQ team, including a training manual, official rules and regulations, eight sets of questions, flyswatters (used instead of buzzers), and everything a team would need to get organized.

These training seminars will have a huge impact on the future of children’s ministry in Romania.  Ten years ago, when I began the ministry of a national children’s ministry resource center, few churches were interested in children’s ministry, much less training to do it well.  Many village churches asked the parents not to bring their children to church as there was no room for them.  The Lord has brought about such a change!  They are now anxious for help, and we always have a waiting list of churches that have requested teachers training seminars.  It is thanks to Europe’s Children that we have been able to have as many as we have.  We so appreciate all you guys are doing.


Rick and Jan Cunningham