Answered Prayer in Romania

We received a thank you from a Sunday school teacher in Romania. You, our donors, helped provide the funds to purchase simple supplies for them, things that we take for granted like curriculum (including flannel graphs!), colored pencils, construction paper, games, and prizes. They even wanted to purchase their own guitar for kids’ worship.

We heard of their need through a local missionary and we responded because of your generous giving. Take time to read this thank you from that local leader, translated into English by her daughter.

The missionary tells us that they were amazed with our quick response and the children saw it as an immediate answer to their prayers.

Thank you very much and I appreciate your involvement in the work with the kids. The children from Sunday School were very amazed by the quick response to their prayers. We are very glad that you support us!

May the Lord be with you and overwhelm you with His blessings!