Time For Tea Project


Touch the brokenhearted and less fortunate in Europe through compassion, evangelism, and Bible based mentoring.


Educate and teach the victimized of Europe through the Word of God, basic life and learning skills, and vocational training.


Aid the rejected and despised across Europe through compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of a TIME FOR TEA event?

A: To connect women in the USA with the needs of victimized children and teens in Europe and to raise funds to help with various ministries working with these little ones.

Q: Where do the monies raised at a tea actually go?

A: All funds from the TIME FOR TEA project go to provide:

  • Discipleship Materials
  • Safe shelters
  • Renovation
  • Medical help
  • Basic hygienic needs
  • Legal Aid
  • Instructors and materials (Bible and life skills)
  • Equipment

Q: What is involved with a TIME FOR TEA event?

A: A simple time line would look like the following:

  • Contact the Europe’s Children office to let us know when you would like to sponsor a tea.
  • Choose a date and location
  • Create a menu (don’t forget to include tea!)
  • Work with the Europe’s Children office to plan the program
  • Have items donated for the silent auction (optional)(See picture of silent auction table and sign up sheet.)
  • Send all monies raised at event to the Europe’s Children office

Q: What will the Europe’s Children office provide?

A. We will provide the following:

  • Presentation outline
  • General Europe’s Children DVD
  • Special Project DVD’s
  • Handout Materials
  • Helpful hints in preparing TIME FOR TEA handout

Q: Who can sponsor a TIME FOR TEA event?

A: Here’s a general idea of who can be a sponsor:

  • Women’s groups
  • Church groups
  • Missions groups
  • Community groups
  • Anyone who desires to help the victimized and less fortunate.

Q: When should a TIME FOR TEA event take place?

A: There are lots of ideas for when to host an event:

  • At a women’s retreat
  • Church missions convention
  • Seasonal events such as Mother’s Day or Christmas
  • Anytime is a good time to help!

Q: How do I get started?

A: Click here to contact the Europe’s Children office to begin the process.