One Child at a Time in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful place: green, lush, and mountainous with ancient castle ruins, grazing sheep, and cobblestoned cities, but Scotland is more than the stereotyped land of Braveheart, red-headed lassies, and kilted bagpipe players.

A report by the United Kingdom’s Institute of Alcohol Studies notes that in 2010, 56% of all Scottish 15 year-olds were drunk at least once in the last 7 days. The legal drinking age in Scotland is 18, but anyone over 16 can order beer or wine with a meal. 74% of these kids are getting drunk at home or at a friend’s house and are trying to find hope in a bottle of alcohol.

Mike and Tina Hook want to reach the children of Scotland before they make destructive choices. They joined the Bridge Family Church plant in Edinburgh, Scotland in January 2013 and have been working on building relationships with parents and children in their community.

Many in Scotland profess a belief in Christ and the tenants of Scripture, but have no formal involvement in a church nor do they have a relationship with the living God. Last fall, Mike and Tina began a community kid’s choir. They both have extensive experience in the performing arts, Mike with 17 years as a certified music teacher.

We asked you to give, and you did. Your giving has helped to establish this community choir.

Tina says, “We are delighted to say thank you to everyone who gives.  We have seen a difference here in Edinburgh simply because of giving and prayer from people in America.  We have been so blessed and have been able to bless the children in Scotland because of your giving.  God is making a difference one child at a time.”

We are thankful, too! Without your giving, these children would not be hearing about Jesus. As Tina says,  “We believe that as we are faithful to reach out to our community with the skills and ideas that God has given us, He will be faithful to move these parent’s hearts and bring their children into relationship with Him.”

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