A Thank You Letter from a Missionary to Our Donors

In our last Headlines article, we told you about the Christmas outreaches that Europe’s Children funded in Mallorca. We got this thank you note from our missionaries involved in the outreaches. You can feel the excitement about what the Lord is doing on this island! Thank you, Donors, without you, we couldn’t do things like these!


It is very interesting and enjoyable living in a land where the 12 Days of Christmas are observed and festivities continue until January 6th. The Christian Center in Palma (Majorca, Spain) prepared an excellent Christmas presentation involving children, teens and adults. Thank you EUROPE’S CHILDREN for making this possible!!

Permits were obtained and we were able to be in 4 cities/towns on the island. In downtown Palma over 400 people stopped to watch and listen to the Christmas message. We noticed several Muslim mothers with their children – some dads too – standing around and allowing their children be in the front row with the others. It was good to see families, teens, and grandparents in each place along with many of the church folk who came out to lend support.

Excellent puppeteers told the story of Jesus’ birth. The children’s choir sang songs telling about the meaning of Christmas. The play about a Toy store brought a good message – an old dusty rag doll, in a box, no one wanted her, felt alone, unwanted, no friends or family – everyone bought the other toys.

The message concluded by letting everyone know that many people feel the same way but Jesus came to love, to give His life, save us from our sins and give life abundantly now and forever. Now we continue to pray for those who heard the message. Pray with us! Thank you.

Alister & Lindy Belbin
A/G missionaries
Mallorca, Spain