A Little Distance in Romania

Romania sits at a crossroads in Europe, where central and southeastern Europe intersect. Many rulers and powers have held sway in this corner of the world. Its people are often stereotyped: a country of orphans, criminals, mafia, or gypsies.

Romania was once under oppressive communist rule and is now a part of the European Union, but poverty remains pervasive here, both rural and urban. The country’s economy is growing, but it has farther to go than other developed countries in Europe. In 2010, the 10% richest people in Romania would be among the 10% poorest in the United Kingdom according to Inequality Watch.

Missionaries J.J. and Nelia Ferrell serve to make a difference in this country. They used this past Christmas as an opportunity to reach into the communities around them to offer hope and introduce children and youth to Christ.

They gave Christmas presents, but as J.J. told us, they were able to “concentrate on actual, tailor-made solutions, that (made) the holidays sweeter for those many kids and families we helped.”

J.J. told us that he and Nelia tried to target, “families with kids that used to live on the streets. Many of them, by an outsider’s view would say that they are still homeless, but in fact they are slightly removed. If you help these people tactfully, you put a greater distance in between them and the streets.

This is part of what the Ferrells are doing in Romania: They’re putting a greater distance between people and the streets. It may seem simple, but what they’re doing is positioning people to be able to hear the Gospel of Christ.

Thank you, donors. Your giving is helping us help the Ferrells to reposition lives in Romania so children and youth can know Jesus. Thank you for helping us LOVE, TELL and TEACH the children of Romania through J.J. and Nelia Ferrell.